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CJ Hilliard

CJ Hilliard

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Term: May 2019


CJ Hilliard is a native to the Pilot Point area, having been raised a few miles north in Tioga, Texas. She began volunteering for the Pilot Point Fire Department in February 2007, where she still serves as a volunteer member. In 2008, CJ purchased her first home in Pilot Point and has remained a resident of the city ever since.


CJ is a full-time Firefighter / Paramedic for the City of Denton, with an Associates of Applied Science in Fire Services Administration. 

Volunteer Position

In addition to her full-time position with the City of Denton and volunteering for the Pilot Point Fire Department, CJ serves as a mentor to students of Fred Moore High School. 


She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Science for the University of North Texas concentrating in Health Promotion, Emergency Management, and Public Administration.