Community involvement is the key to a successful Main Street Program.

The Main Street Program is comprehensive and incremental. Small projects and simple activities lead to a more sophisticated understanding of the revitalization process and help develop skills so that more complex problems can be addressed and more ambitious projects undertaken in the future.

Recent Activities

  • Cleaned up the south side of the square in preparation for revitalization.
  • Completed demolition of unsafe buildings on the square.
  • Created and introduced a new festival entitled Bonnie and Clyde Days designed to involve residents and draw visitors.
  • Designed and introduced a new logo for the city, which has the flexibility to be used by all city, civic and volunteer organizations.
  • Established a Farmers' Market on the square.
  • Hired a new Main Street Director.
  • Initiated a Matching Funds FaÃ?§ade Grant program designed to encourage building owners to renovate their buildings.
  • Launched "4Square" a website and volunteer program designed to identify volunteers interested in helping the square.
  • Managed a well attended Christmas On-The-Square event.
  • Started construction on new sidewalks for the square.
  • Welcomed a new business (380 News / 380 Guide) to the historic district (212 South Washington Street)
  • Welcomed a new retailer (Notoriously Yours) to the square who took advantage of the Neighborhood Empowerment Zone agreement.

Past Accomplishments