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1. When do I stop using my Waste Connections receptacles?
2. What if I won’t be home to set out my Waste Connections carts on Wednesday 10/27/2021?
3. What do I do with my waste in the interim?
4. My trash hasn't been recovered from Waste Connections receptacle. What do I do?
5. What is the new monthly service fees for Rhino Removal?
6. Which Rhino Cart is trash? recycle?
7. When is my trash service day?
8. I have 2 trash carts and want to keep 2 trash carts. What do I need to do?
9. We currently only have one trash cart, but we want two. What do we do?
10. When will my recycling be picked up?
11. How often is recycle service?
12. Now that we have recycle weekly, I don’t need my additional recycle cart. What do I do?
13. What if I still want 2 recycle carts?
14. Why wasn't my recycling picked up?
15. What do I do if I have bulk items that need to be picked up?
16. Can we still use personal trash cans to put unbundled limbs inside and set out for bulk removal?
17. How do I add a trash or recycling cart to my account?
18. I didn’t get my cart (carts). What do I do?
19. What do I do if my cart is damaged?