MAIN STREET Accomplishments

Community involvement is the key to a Successful Main Street Program.

The Main Street Program is comprehensive and incremental. Small projects and simple activities lead to a more sophisticated understanding of the revitalization process and help develop skills so that more complex problems can be addressed and more ambitious projects undertaken in the future.

Recent Activities:

  1. Hired a new Main Street Director.

  2. Designed and introduced a new logo for the city, which has the flexibility to be used by all city, civic and volunteer organizations.

  3. Completed demolition of unsafe buildings on the square.

  4. Created and introduced a new festival entitled Bonnie & Clyde Days designed to involve residents and draw visitors.

  5. Cleaned up the south side of the square in preparation for revitalization.

  6. Started construction on new sidewalks for the square.

  7. Initiated a Matching Funds Fa�§ade Grant program designed to encourage building owners to renovate their buildings.

  8. Launched "4Square" a web site and volunteer program designed to identify volunteers interested in helping the square.

  9. Established a Farmers' Market on the square.

  10. Managed a well attended Christmas On-The-Square event.

  11. Welcomed a new retailer (Notoriously Yours) to the square who took advantage of the Neighborhood Empowerment Zone agreement.

  12. Welcomed a new business (380 News/380 Guide) to the historic district (212 S. Washington St.)

Past Accomplishments:

  1. Bloomfield Schoolhouse begins educational program.

  2. Pilot Point is Designated a "PRESERVE AMERICA COMMUNITY " by President and Laura Bush.

  3. Two highway signs were erected on State Highway 377 north and south of town.

  4. First Main Street Low-Interest Loan issued.

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