Planning and Zoning Commission

Planning and Zoning Commission

The  Planning & Zoning Commission shall consist of at least seven (7) members who shall be appointed by the City Council to staggered terms of two (2) years in accordance with any ordinance adopted by the City Council. The Commission members shall be qualified voters of the City. The Commission shall be responsible to and act as an advisory board to the City Council. The Commission shall:

  • Review all current and proposed ordinances and amendments pertaining to planning and zoning and make recommendations to the City Council for action to be taken;
  • Develop a Comprehensive Plan and make proposals to the City Council to amend, extend and add to the Comprehensive Plan for the physical development of the City;
  • Keep public records of its resolutions, findings and determinations; and
  • Review plats and zoning requests and make recommendations to the City Council for adoption of same.

Name Term
Brian Heitzman July-2019
Steven Keith July 2019
Paul Dennis July-2018
Dr. Rebecca Millikin July-2019
Dallas Slay July-2020
Jerry Robinson July-2018
Jim Bob Siever July-2018



1st Monday of each month

If you have any questions regarding the Planning & Zoning Meetings, please call Scott Ingalls at 940/686-2165 ext. 18.


City Hall - 102 East Main Street

Agendas and Minutes

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